The Very Best Libyan Sights

Libya is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in northern Africa. An opportunity for visitors to soak up history and culture, visit spectacular sights and enjoy an abundance of natural beauty.


Tripoli is not only the capital of Libya, but it is also the largest city in the country and is filled with museums, mosques, churches and a fantastic zoo. Visitors shouldn’t miss visiting Green Square, also known as Freedom Square or Martyr Square. This is an important square in the history of this beautiful country.

The Red Castle Museum covers five thousand years of Libyan history set over a number of galleries and the zoo is over two thousand hectares, home to a choice of animal species, a delight for the whole family.

Leptis Magna

Leptis Magna is a very popular tourist attraction in Libya. This is where you can discover well-preserved Roman ruins including baths, arches, basilicas and a large amphitheater. Take the time to wander around this ancient Roman town, soak up the history of the past and put yourself in their shoes for one day. It’s well worth the visit.


Sabratha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the most spectacular theater and where the forum and baths face the ocean with towering columns that will take your breath away. The museum is worth a visit where you can see all the items that have been excavated here, a chance to really soak up the history of this spectacular Roman town.

Other Things to Do

Libya isn’t only about heritage sites, there are a choice of pristine beaches to visit, top beach resorts to pamper yourself at and some great Sahara Desert experiences to be enjoyed. Whether you want to ride a camel for the first time, explore the Medina (old Town) and soak up the architecture or whether you want to enjoy some bartering at the traditional markets, you can do it all in Libya.

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